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Learn To Read the Bible Effectively Seminar

Interested in getting more out of your Bible reading? Do you want to understand how and why it was written? Come join us for a 12-week series on how to Learn to Read the Bible Effectively.

Offered in Kamloops, Vernon and Armstrong starting September 24th, 2018.

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Reasons to Attend

  • Learn and develop skills to help you read the Bible with a better understanding.
  • Free! You will never be asked for money, to purchase materials or make donations of any kind.
  • Everyone attending receives free materials including a book of class outlines to keep your own notes
  • Learn about Bible Echos and how to use the Bible to interpret itself.
  • These seminars are designed to be introductory in nature and paces in such a way as to not put anyone “on the spot”.

What you will Learn

  • The Bible’s theme.
  • Who Wrote the Bible – where did it come from?
  • How to remove any “mystery” which many religions cast about the Bible
  • How to learn more in less time with effective study tools
  • Tips for letting the Bible interpret the Bible
  • Prove for yourself that the Bible is not a work of fiction
  • Why are the Jews so important in the Bible?
  • How did so many interpretations of the Bible develop?
  • How critics of the Bible “prove” their criticism.
  • Why is there an Old Testament and a New Testament?
  • What does the title Christ mean?

Go to ReadYourBible.ca to sign up.