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Faith, Works or Both? – Talk Notes 2017/1/29

Tonight we looked at one of the major questions of Christian teaching: Is salvation based on faith, works or both? The question might seem a bit academic, but the answer at it’s root it can… and should affect every aspect of our lives. Our position before God As a reminder ...

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Is Being “Good” Good Enough? – Talk Notes

What does a person have to do to share God’s Kingdom? A common refrain that we here now-a-days is “just be a good person”, but what does that mean? And is that truly “good enough”? This Sunday we considered that question. Here’s a recap. If you asked your friends or ...

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What does it mean to “depart and be with Christ?

We love getting your feedback and do our best to share scriptures answers to your fantastic questions. A reader “Jesse” asked us the following question in response to our Gospel Journal article “Soul Searching: 5 things you should know about death”: “…What do you take Paul to mean when he says ...

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