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Our Salvation Through Christ’s Death

Who was Jesus Christ and why was it so important that He was born, shared our nature, died on the cross and rose again? Consider some important verses that answer a question that holds eternal importance. The creation of man Gen. 1:26 – “And God said, Let us make man ...

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Faith, Works or Both? – Talk Notes 2017/1/29

Tonight we looked at one of the major questions of Christian teaching: Is salvation based on faith, works or both? The question might seem a bit academic, but the answer at it’s root it can… and should affect every aspect of our lives. Our position before God As a reminder ...

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Is Being “Good” Good Enough? – Talk Notes

What does a person have to do to share God’s Kingdom? A common refrain that we here now-a-days is “just be a good person”, but what does that mean? And is that truly “good enough”? This Sunday we considered that question. Here’s a recap. If you asked your friends or ...

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What does it mean to “depart and be with Christ?

We love getting your feedback and do our best to share scriptures answers to your fantastic questions. A reader “Jesse” asked us the following question in response to our Gospel Journal article “Soul Searching: 5 things you should know about death”: “…What do you take Paul to mean when he says ...

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Lessons from Children – Spiritual Comfort

“I want to sit next to daddy!” We’ve all heard this, and most likely said it in our lives. And, as is so often the case, there’s a lesson hidden in the simple words of kids. Children want to be close to those that are important to them. When they love ...

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