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Talk Notes: What Happens when we die?

On Sunday we took a look at the State of the dead as presented by the Bible. We looked at the biblical meaning of the word soul, The state of the dead and the hope that God offers to the faithful. Here’s a couple verses that we considered about what ...

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Who is the satan of Job?

At the Armstrong IPE we received a great question from Ed: Who was the satan of Job? If you’ve read about the Christadelphians, you probably know that we espouse the Biblical view that the Bible “satan”, as the Hebrew pronoun indicates, is nothing more than an adversary, good or bad. ...

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Talk Notes: World Water Problems – July 19, 2015

Last Sunday we took a look at the growing water crisis that we are seeing in the world. Water levels are dropping, despite water use restrictions. Population growth and poor decisions on where to live are compounding the problem. Is there hope? Some statistics from the talk: 69.6% of fresh ...

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