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A World at Peace

A World at Peace


Imagine, a world at peace.

A world with no more fighting or wars, where criminals no longer threaten the lives and well being of others, a place in which tears and sorrow no longer exist, where hospitals are no longer needed because pain and suffering have been eliminated.

These ideals are not just those of the far-out-thinking of the Utopian idealist, but rather a part of the overall plan of God, the God of the Bible.

We may ask ourselves, did God actually have an end purpose in mind when he created the earth? Or was his purpose simply to create the earth and then leave it to its own vices?

The Bible gives us our answers.

Approximately 2,500 years ago, a God-driven prophet named Isaiah said: “This thing says the LORD that created the heavens, and formed the earth: he created it not in vain but formed it to be inhabited.” (Isaiah 45:18). God did indeed have a purpose with the earth, but what exactly, we might ask, does it mean when Isaiah said that God formed the earth to be inhabited? If that’s all, then He did indeed leave us to our own devices!

However, the book of the prophet Isaiah and the whole Bible is full of detailed descriptions of a new world order (Isaiah 2:2-4; 35; 61; 65). In the book of Numbers, God said: “as truly as I live, all the earth will be filled with the glory of the LORD.” (14:21) His glory, as he goes on to say in the book of Exodus, is God’s wonderful character, His personality: “merciful, gracious, patient, full of truth and righteousness; forgiving and yet accurate in judgement and justice.” (33:18,19; 34:6,7)

God has promised to you and me that there will come a time when the whole world will be filled with people reflecting God’s ways, the way of mercy, goodness and justice.

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